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Express yourself... have fun... and grow your skills

Hands-on learning with digital technology. Empowering you to create change in your life. Video, iPads, photography, animation, blogs, comic strips, VJ skills, and more.

Take your pick. Find your own digital voice. Specialist support and fair access for groups often excluded from media participation.

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A list of our clients.
  • Learn Hands On

    Media is a powerful way to engage people, especially those often excluded from involvement. Our projects demonstrate that media projects develop a wide range of skills.

    The focus in our Learn Hands On projects is on the benefits for participants.

    • Proven to work well with all ages and abilities
    • We work closely with you to deliver your priorities
    • Shape the project around your time-scales and budget

    View Our Learn Hands On Projects
  • Communicate

    Digital Voice has supported scores of individuals and groups to express their views and creativity.

    Every Communicate your Message project is unique. Our highly experienced teams help you to:

    • decide precisely what you want to express
    • identify who you want to reach - your audience
    • agree which media methods will work best to achieve your aims

    View Our Communicate Projects