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Other Media Services

Other Media Services

Digital Voice also receives requests to create bespoke media projects to deliver very specific goals. We are happy to draw on the wide-ranging media experience of our associates to devise your purpose-built project

Examples include:

  • VJ performance: live mixing of visuals to go with audio is one of our great success stories. It is surprisingly speedy to learn; great fun for all ages; a flexible tool for creativity and communicating messages. See the Roycroft VJ Set project.
  • Audio productions: a valuable approach drawn on especially by museums, galleries and heritage projects. See the Northern Spirit news story.
  • Consultations: utilise a range of media to stimulate, capture and communicate views. See the Images for Change project
  • Evaluation: different forms of media offer an attractive and accessible way to evaluate processes and projects. See The Bully Book project
  • Book publication: this can be an exciting option for projects where participants produce attractive digital photography. See the Bash Bang Kids Book project

Enjoy checking examples but don’t feel constrained by them! Digital Voice always starts by assessing your own requirements and builds the projects to ensure it delivers your goals.