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Funding Advice

As you can see from the logos on our homepage, there are many sources of funding – we’re always happy to help advise on what might best suit your organisation.

Here are some top tips based on the experiences of the groups we’ve worked with.

  • Leave enough time to raise funds: it is a real pity when a great project ends up with less funding than it could have won, because of not allowing enough time.
  • Always check what sort of organisation the funding providers can give money to.

If you are a charity there are many funds, both local and national which you can access to fund participatory media projects for your service-users.

If you are a constituted group such as a community association or voluntary group then there are also funds you can access.

There are more and more funders who will also fund social enterprises with charitable aims.

People who can help you find the funds:

For all of the above we suggest you contact your local Council for Volunteer Service (CVS) and Community Foundation ( to find out which are the most applicable. They have advisers who can signpost you to the most appropriate funds. There is a CVS in each local authority area – track yours down here (

There is a very comprehensive guide to funding, North East Guide to Grants for Voluntary Organisations available from

We often suggest that organisations approach Awards for All. There is up to £10000 available and the projects we work on often fulfil many of their outcomes. The form is straightforward to fill in.

It can be more difficult to find funding for a video simply to promote your organisation. If it is youth-led that may be easier. Contact your local youth council for advice. If you are a social enterprise there may be funds for business support. Perhaps try to contact your local authority’s economic development team.

How we can help:

We are always happy to look over your drafts of application forms and advise on your bid. We can help develop your idea so that you can outline it in the detail that the funders may want. And we can help you define the outcomes which your project will achieve.

If you would like help in securing funds for your project - here are some top tips based on the experiences of groups like yours in this region.