Royal Television Awards 2018 - Innovation Award
Tech4Good Community Award 2018 - Runner-up  

Communicate your Message

Digital Voice was created to ensure fair access for all to express your views and your creativity and to make a difference.

Our projects support you to:

  • decide precisely what you want to express
  • identify who you want to reach - your audience
  • agree which media methods will work best to achieve your aims

The results may be anything from a tablet-based multimedia story to blogs, videos, comic strips and digital photographs.

Digital Voice and project partners have shared those results in many powerful ways, including exhibitions, screenings, social media and video streaming. Focused messages include video reports and screenings for decision makers. Participants preserve their work on tablets, DVDs, books - which best suits their message.

Our diagnostic session will help you decide whichever approach will work best to deliver your message.

Thousands of people have seen and heard the results of Communicate your Message projects: check out examples.