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Tackling climate change and raising awareness of the hazards of wildfire.

Who Took Part

Representatives of fire safety organisations and countryside organisations across Northumberland, plus ramblers.


Wildfire is an increasing risk because of climate change, and Northumberland’s extensive fells are at particular danger. The video was aimed at raising public awareness of the hazards of wildfire and what they could do to reduce the risks.

Project Outline

Northumberland Fire Group commissioned the work and set up a steering group of fire safety experts to assist with the video production.

A tight timescale was set – the commissioner needed the video to be ready for tourism centres by spring, and so the video production was arranged in February. As no wildfires were likely at that time of year, a special shoot was arranged to record powerful images of flames to be used throughout the video.

What Happened

  • Video shoots took place in Harbottle – the scene of a huge wildfire a year earlier – and in a popular walking area and Northumberland Fire HQ
  • Interviews took place with representatives of the Fire Service, Forestry Commission, National Trust, ramblers and a climate change expert
  • Archive stills and video were gathered to illustrate past fires and fire training exercises
  • A music score was commissioned to create the required mood of concern and help capture the attention of passers-by at visitor centres


A ten minute video was produced.

Sharing The Results With Others

  • the video was screened in tourism centres
  • it was streamed on the Fire Group’s website
  • a press launch was held

Benefits For Participants

Northumberland Fire Service is internationally recognised for its preparedness to tackle wildfires and this video was an opportunity to salute the wisdom of its forward-planning and commitment to high standards.

Clients and/or Funding

Northumberland Fire Group.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

Punchy audio-visual treatments such as this are invaluable in raising public awareness, especially if combined with other information and press campaigns.

How To Find Out More

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