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When Gateshead met Ghana

When Gateshead met Ghana: Two Communities, Two Continents, One Friendship.

These trips are a great example of active citizenship by young people and have had a big and positive impact on their lives.

Who Took Part

More than 20 young people from the Deckham area of Gateshead, plus their youth workers.


To celebrate a ground-breaking project by young people from Gateshead to help a village called Shia in Ghana, and provide a engaging DVD which could be used by the young people to broaden the numbers taking part in this sort of project in Africa.

Project Outline

Support the young people to:

  • plan their video
  • gather their own video and stills material on their second trip to Ghana
  • edit their video

What Happened

  • A “getting-to-know-you” session was held with young people in the Deckham Community centre, and some of the youth workers on the project
  • Workshops were held on storytelling, storyboarding, camera and sound operation, recording digital stills
  • The young people were provided with equipment, tapes, logging sheets for their journey
  • In Shia they helped paint a kindergarten, lead interactive sessions in classrooms, share musical activities and plant mango trees.
  • On their return they logged the pictures and helped develop the storyboard
  • Interviews were recorded with several of them in a relaxed conversational style so that they were telling the story in their own words
  • The documentary was edited at Imagine TX in Newcastle


The resulting documentary was 30 minutes in duration.

Sharing The Results With Others

The film was launched at The Sage Gateshead. A village representative Mr Justus Kwame Avudzivi travelled 3500 miles to take part. More than a hundred people heard the plans of the young people and saw the video about their work in Africa and saw a musical performance of drumming.

The video has since been used in dozens of presentations by the young people and issued to youth groups around the UK to encourage them to take up work in Africa.

Benefits for Participants

  • opportunity for public recognition of their tremendous commitment
  • development of media and storytelling skills
  • development of personal skills – rising to new challenges, often against deadlines and in demanding conditions

Clients and/or Funding

Youth Opportunity Fund, Connexions Tyne and Wear, Gateshead Council The project was also supported by Deckham Community Association and Madventurer.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

Many community achievements deserve to be captured on video, both to celebrate the achievements of those who took part and also to help inform others how they can work towards achieving their own goals.

Video makers will be happy to help advise how you can aim to capture key stages yourselves, perhaps on stills or on video, so that you are not dependent on having to hire in others all the time.

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