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The Lawnmowers Animation Project

An animation about what it's like to be disabled. A group of adults with learning disabilities examine an important issue in a creative way.

we loved that the project drew on group members personalities and strengths.

Who Took Part

A group of adults with learning disabilities who attend a drop in drama club at Lawnmowers Theatre Company


To use animation skills to engage a group to grow their creative and communication skills. To build strong sense of achievement and team-working.

Project Outline

Making a film as a team working project was a fantastic opportunity for the participants to discuss alternatives and choose the most appropriate media techniques.

The group decided to represent the experience of being disabled in a fun and unusual way.

Being tolerant and responsible to other group members were key features for the production of this valuable piece of work. Some participants had never tried animation before so learned new skills while others improved their fundamental abilities such as problem-solving.

What Happened

They created and recorded their own material and to see the finished film brought a feeling of great pride to all the members.


A film which expresses the views of the group about what it’s like to be disabled; it’s called ‘Anything you can do!’

sharing the results with others

They are sharing their animation with other people at a few of the Lawnmowers open days, before Lawnmowers performance of 'Look Deeper' in March 2011.

Client and/or Funding

The project was funded by a grant awarded to Digital Voice by the European Social Fund

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

Any groups who would like to increase their personal development and IT skills while creating a media project together and having fun.

How To Find Out More

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