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Step Up Launch 08

Media skills for young people played a big part in the launch of the Step Up Campaign, the new initiative from the national Living Streets charity.

The media outputs created as part of the project have proved to be useful tools in

Who Took Part

Several schools from across the North East.


The national Living Streets charity encourages young people to walk to school. This event broadened involvement in their activities to teenagers.

The aim was to leave the young people equipped to use various forms of media to spread the word to people in their areas about the benefits of walking to and from school.

Project Outline

We facilitated two “rolling” media workshops; one on citizen journalism and the other on video journalism.

What Happened

Approx 50 young people took part in one of the two sessions.

  • Using the skills developed during their media workshops, the groups interviewed other young people about their walks to school. They asked their interviewees to name their ideal walking companions.
  • The media journalists learnt about identifying target audiences, deciding what medium to use and then tailoring messages for audiences and medium. A spoof press release was analysed to see all the mistakes commonly made.


The video footage shot at the launched was edited there and then and screened in the main foyer of the event. The material was then used at the annual international conference on walk-to-school in Barcelona. A group from schools in Darlington took their own media works, and added new video shot with with Catalan students. This film was exhibited at the Walk 21 Conference. More details here.

Sharing The Results With Others

The video journalism work was presented by some of the participants at the Barcelona Walk 21 conference and sparked an interesting debate. It can be seen on the Step Up website.

Benefits For Participants

The young people were able to gain valuable training and experience of using video cameras and the written word as ways to promote the Step Up campaign They also gained wider media literacy skills.

Clients and/or Funding

Living Streets funded by Big Lottery and Northern Film and Media

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

This style of workshop had immediate results – the young people could see video clips and draft press releases by the end of a short session. This approach encourages them to try the approach again in future and also understand more deeply when others use these forms of communication.

Video journalism and blogging are effective tools to gain a voice about issues that matter to your community.

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