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Soul Soup

Providing support to a young woman in her Arts Award project, by helping her to produce a video and screen it.

Who Took Part

A young woman who already has experience editing existing material for music videos. She filmed two groups who took part in the Generations Together project in Gateshead:

  • a group of young carers
  • a group of older people

They were learning songs and drumming with a view to coming together to perform at The Sage Gateshead. Making soup was a tasty way to share ideas during the preparation and soup was served after the performance.


Support a young woman in her arts award project. Help her produce a video which will be appreciated by participants of this specific Soul Soup project, Inter-Gen-Jam.

What Happened

Assistance was provided by a Producer Mentor and Edit Mentor. This project provided her first experience of:

  • storyboarding a factual video
  • arranging a project schedule
  • gathering original visual material (stills and moving image)
  • carrying out interviews
  • briefing other media practitioners
  • operating a camera at the screening
  • editing original material on her laptop using moviemaker
  • planning a screening.

She also had to consider copyright issues.


A very ambitious video, pushing the capabilities of her laptop to the limit. She demonstrated her ability to create an overall storytelling arc, and the technical ability to carry out the post production against a deadline.

Sharing the Results with Others

She organised a very enjoyable screening with refreshments. She did the presentation herself and also carried out evaluation with forms she had devised.

Benefits for Participants

The Soup Soup participants had a chance to see their special day at the screening.

The mentee had a wide range of realistic production experience, learned new skills and had to meet genuine deadlines. She has the material to qualify for her Arts Award and also for her CV. She showed great potential for the future.

Client and/or Funder

Gateshead Council, plus support funded by the Digital Voice mentoring scheme and volunteer support from Digital Voice for Communities.

Who Else Would Benefit from this sort of Project?

People seeking personal development supported by mentors, whether for accreditation or not.

How to Find Out More

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