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Scotswood Camera Action Day

Taster day in animation and film skills for young people in the west end of Newcastle.

We have worked with Digital Voice on two projects in the last year. We chose to work with them because of the informal and open way they have engaged with our young people and also our staff. We also wholeheartedly support the principles by which they run

Who Took Part

Twelve young people aged 10-16 took part.


To provide a taster day in film and animation skills to young people from across the west end of Newcastle from a range of backgrounds.

Project Outline

The group were introduced to animation and filming and were able to choose which media to work in that day. They worked in two groups to come up with stories they would develop, storyboard, shoot and edit in only one day!!

What Happened

  • The lads decided to do claymation- animating plasticine figures; they developed a story, made sets, characters then animated them using IT skills, and recorded the script and sound effects.
  • The lasses decided to make a video; they wrote it, filmed it themselves, took part in a video shoot and edited it, with great results.


One animation and one video. Total duration: approx 4 minutes.

Sharing The Results With Others

We screened the videos at the end of the day for the other people at the youth centre and each person received a DVD to show family and friends.

Benefits for Participants

The groups developed interpersonal and communication skills as well as team working; they developed media and IT skills and used their creativity. Screening the films at the end of the workshop gives a great sense of achievement, so increasing self esteem.

Clients and/or Funding

Prudhoe Community High School/ Creative Partnerships Northumberland.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

Camera Action workshops are a great way to develop a whole range of skills and a sense of achievement.

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