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Young people in Manchester tackling Climate Change.

Digital Voice brought in depth media experience, and total commitment to this project

Who Took Part

Rite2No is a group of young people from Manchester who are concerned about climate change. They’re aged between 12 and 16.


  • The group wanted to make a video which would be so powerful that it would help convince other young people to start changing their lives to combat climate change.
  • It was also intended that the young people would help shape the video and appear in it. They would gain a fulfilling learning experience in return for their commitment.
  • An outcome the group wanted to achieve was to build a network of teachers and groups of young people who shared the same interest in taking action to understand and tackle climate change.

Project Outline

At first a factual video was planned, explaining what “carbon emissions” are and what we can do about them. Then after talking to young people in the target age range about these ideas, it was decided that a zany drama with some humour and local references was likely to have a bigger impact.

What Happened

  • Group sessions held with the rite2no young people to play with ideas and possible locations.
  • Storyboarding eco-awayday at Featherstone Castle in Northumberland (which has also been the location for other rite2no eco-events…it’s a natural for these things because it’s pretty primitive and unchanged!)
  • Auditions held for actors and cast - production team selected.
  • Video was shot over five days on location in Manchester and at the xxx Wolf sanctuary in Wales.
  • Facilities house Flix in Manchester selected for post-production because of their rich experience in chromakey green screen work and also their computer graphic animation – they are linked to Cosgrove Hall. Their extensive archive library was also a plus.


DVD A Change for the Better – duration 30 minutes.

Sharing The Results With Others

  • Launch screening in 2008 with the Mayor of Manchester in attendance
  • DVD now been made available for dozens of groups across Greater Manchester
  • Recently been shown to MEPs
  • Media coverage has included local newspaper articles and an appearance on Channel M.

Benefits for Participants

  • Boost to confidence in campaigning about climate change with others
  • Insight into media production process from start to finish
  • Acting and production experience
  • Lots of fun in the holidays!

Clients and/or Funding

Pauline Loyoza, co-ordinator of the rite2no group. The project was funded as a flagship climate change communications scheme by Defra, the Government’s department looking after environmental issues.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

  • young people with an interest in drama e.g have taken place in school plays or drama workshops
  • community groups which want to spread the word about climate change

How To Find Out More

Rite2No Website

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