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Prudhoe School Creative Partnerships Project

Using animation and film based on subjects in the Curriculum.

We work with digital voice because of the informal way they have engaged our young people

Who Took Part

  • More than 80 young people across Prudhoe Community High School took part.


To use creative media projects to consolidate learning in five different subject areas.

Project Outline

We worked with classes studying Spanish, Biology, Applied science, Health and Social Care and Philosophy and Ethics to use animations and film to use the work they’d recently studied. The project took place over half a term during planned lesson times.

What Happened

Spanish: The students produced adverts for miracle cures they dreamed up and really stretch their imaginations.

Biology: The group made an animation to explain to others how the kidneys function

Applied science: This class worked on a film which included animation to help others understand food conservation.

Philosophy and Ethics: Chose animation to tell the story of the enlightenment of Buddha

Health and Social Care: The group examined several issues they’d studied and came up with a range of multimedia approaches to consolidate their learning.


Several animations and videos. Total duration: approx 40 minutes.

Sharing The Results With Others

The work is streamed on the school intranet site to help other students to learn about the subjects.

Benefits for Participants

The groups had the opportunity to work in small production teams, developed their media skills and successfully consolidated their learning.

Clients and/or Funding

Prudhoe Community High School/ Creative Partnerships Northumberland.

How To Find Out More

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