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Prudhoe School Creative Learning Project

Re-engaging students with challenging behaviour in the classroom.

We work with Digital Voice because of the informal and open way they have egaged our young people

Who Took Part

Around 20 young people from years 9 and 10 took part.


To use media to re-engage a group of students who sometimes have challenging behaviour in the classroom.

Project Outline

The group were introduced to a variety of media, including animation and VJing before they came up with creative projects that would interest them and re-engage them in learning.

What Happened

Year 9: Chose a variety of different projects;

  • Pimp my BMX - they designed and revamped some BMX bikes then used them to create a video displaying their skills at BMX jumps and tricks
  • Claymation - they developed a story examining the consequences for those who did not engage well at school in an amusing way

Year 10: Completed a multimedia project which resulted in a music video; they took part in video, music production, dance and choreography, VJ and editing workshops to create their own track and music video.


Several animations and videos. Total duration: approx 15 minutes.

Sharing The Results With Others

Everyone who worked on the films attended screenings at their year groups’ achievement assemblies and received copies of their DVDs and certificates.

Benefits for Participants

The groups had the opportunity to think creatively as a team, coming up with fun, creative projects which engaged them and helped to show that school can be a positive learning environment. They developed their media skills and came together at a celebration event to receive certificates of achievement.

Clients and/or Funding

Prudhoe Community High School/ Creative Partnerships Northumberland.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

This is a great way to bring disengaged students groups together with a common goal.

How To Find Out More

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