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Young Women Create photostories

A group of young mums at Gateshead Young Women’s Outreach Project.

The work gave the young women a new experience, working with IT and media they hadn't tried before

Who Took Part

A group of young mums at Gateshead Young Women’s Outreach Project.


To use media to raise awareness about the wide range of possibilities young mums have. The group created a brochure using photos from the various courses and projects they have taken part in at GYWP to promote the opportunities they have had.

Project Outline

This course helped the group build confidence and a sense of achievement. They learnt how to use different software to edit and organise photos into a storyboard. The participants improved their communication skills. The team and pair work was essential to provoke discussion and give them an insight into creating an imaginative piece of work.

What Happened

The group decided to make a brochure to present the Gateshead Young Women’s Outreach Project especially when conducting home visits to young women, to let them know about the project. They also made pages evaluating their own personal development during their time with the project and even produced a couple of issue-based pages examining the problems of bullying and drink-spiking.

Benefits for Participants

They developed new media skills to promote their community. Putting these new techniques into practice the group created an outstanding brochure to present their life to others. The mums also have a copy for their portfolio.

Client and/or Funding

Digital Voice received funding from the European Social Fund to deliver the training.

Who Else Would Benefit from This Sort of Project

Any group of any age would enjoy taking part and creating a photostory; whether it be as an evaluation tool, to create a guide or a story.

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