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New York Primary School

Pupils took part in photography and animation projects to learn new skills and help educate others about internet safety.

      The children learnt a wide range of skills; they developed ICT capability, improved creativity and learned to cooperate   successfully.


The school asked us to help the children consolidate their learning in English language; storytelling and literacy.

What Happened

Four classes produced animations based on themes they’d visited in class such as Myths and Legends. A year six group took on the role of editors of the school’s year book- creating a fantastic record of the school year by choosing the best photos of each class and created a lasting memory of their school year by creating photo stories with them. They also created photo stories to teach younger children about internet safety.


The wonderful animations were screened at events within the school and can be seen below.

Sharing the Results with Others

Everyone in the school was presented with a full colour copy of the yearbook to keep.

Client and/or Funder

New York Primary School funded the projects in partnership with Find Your Talent and Creative Partnerships.

Who Else Would Benefit from this sort of Project?

This project was a huge success in consolidating the learning they’d done on storytelling and a really fun way to improve literacy.

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