Royal Television Awards 2018 - Innovation Award
Tech4Good Community Award 2018 - Runner-up  

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Mortimer Community College Animation Project

A small group of young men took part in an animation project designed to re-engage them in school life. The aim was to show them school can be fun!

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Who Took Part

  • Nine young men in year 8 (aged 13)


The group meets during and after school and this project aimed to engage and inspire the boys and give them a sense of achievement.

Project Outline

The group produced an animation over several weeks learning how to write a story, animate it and record their script.

What Happened

  • Nine workshops took place with the young people to develop their skills in animation, storyboarding and sound recording
  • They went on a visit to internationally renowned games studio Mere Mortals and then met a local animated games designer at IG Media, testing games not yet on the market


A DVD of their animation, Mortimer’s Got Talent

Sharing The Results With Others

The group will present their work to their school in assembly which will raise their self esteem

Benefits for Participants

  • Overall the young people have gained in confidence and broadened the range of communication skills at their disposal. They have developed their media literacy and I.T. skills and were immensely inspired by meeting animators and games designers on their trip.
  • Clients and/or Funding

    Find Your Talent, Customs House


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