Royal Television Awards 2018 - Innovation Award
Tech4Good Community Award 2018 - Runner-up  

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Emissions Impossible

Emissions Impossible is a short drama aimed at young people, to provoke interest and inspire questions and ideas.

Digital Voice rose superbly to the challenge of turning my vision and ramblings about climate change into a polished and effective product. I believe they have crafted an engaging and humorous film which unobtrusively interweaves complex messages addressi

Who Took Part

  • four young actors, one adult actor
  • four adult interviewees explaining why innovation was needed to tackle climate change.


Emissions Impossible is a short drama aimed at young people, to provoke interest and inspire questions and ideas. It’s to help spark discussion about climate change, careers and inventions.

Project Outline

Many young people are “turned off” by any mention of careers in science and technology. They also tend not to see the connection between any mention of climate change and their own decisions on studying and careers.

This DVD built on what does excite their interest – a fun way to help them make those connections. It was not standalone, but intended to be a resource to be used by a person leading a session with a group of young people in schools.

What Happened

  • brainstorm with interested experienced adults – teachers, climate change activists
  • focus group research with two groups of schoolchildren within target age range
  • findings analysed against wider research with young people
  • proposal for short irreverent drama combined with real-life examples drawn up, writer and production team taken on
  • auditions for actors, locations rekkied
  • production shoot
  • edit and special effects with Dene Films


12 minute DVD.

    Sharing The Results With Others

    DVDs used in classroom sessions combined with presentation and Q and A with “young ambassador”.

    Benefits for Participants

    • Young actors - wide range of production experience
    • Everyone - awareness raised of climate change initiatives in North East
    • Clients and/or Funding

      Commissioned by Andy Haddon, Engineering Design Centre Associate, Newcastle University. Funded by Newcastle City Council.

      Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

      • A drama DVD is a powerful way to engage the interest of young people as a part of sessions and projects
      • Creating a drama is a device which can involve people of all ages in exploring issues and developing storytelling skills

      How To Find Out More

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