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DigiTales from the Diverse Women’s Network

Digital Voice worked with Diverse Women’s Network in Durham creating DigiTales to gain new skills.

Who is Taking Part

A group of women from the The Diverse Women’s Network in Durham.


Digital Voice has developed a Digital Storytelling course named DigiTale. Usually ran over ten weeks, participants chose to tell their own stories using iPads and recording equipment.

Participants learned essential digital skills and improved their English by participating in a creative digital media project.

What Happened

Participants created DigiTales on the theme of food; a broad topic that provided space for exploration of cultural events and personal triumphs.They became more digitally included, more confident at using technology and gained a greater understanding of I.T and the internet during the project. Most also improved their confidence speaking English.


The photographic art and films about their lives that they shared with friends and families were shown at an event when the course was completed. It was great to see instant praise from the audience and a sense of pride in the group.

Benefits for Participants

Participants said they had a positive experience of learning something they needed to learn, in a comfortable secure environment with their peers, so they will be more likely to continue to learn, be more socially included and improve their general wellbeing.

  • “I’ve enjoyed reminiscing about Bhai Phota and editing photos I brought from home.” - Romita
  • “My confidence is improving!” - Ayesha
  • “I’m learning new things. I’m enjoying recording the stories. I’ll use the skills I learned to record family events.” - Suhaila

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

This project can be rolled out to any group of non-native English speakers or groups that intend to develop their digital skills through creative medium.

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