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Crossroads Young Carers comic projects

Two groups supported by Crossroads Young Carers Youth Team

Who Took Part

Two groups supported by Crossroads Young Carers Youth Team.


The groups were asked to produce two pieces of work using photostories software. One group were asked to create a story which was based on their learning and discussion around sensible drinking. The others wanted to create an eyecatching comic which showed how difficult life is for young carers; they feel they need to be superheroes to do all the things they have to!

What Happened

The groups had great brainstorming sessions to come up with scenarios which represented the points they wanted to get across. For the sensible drinking story, after the initial training on photography and using the software, the young people acted out their story. The process of making a drawn comic is different and those young people were shown how comics are made and replicated that model, creating fantastic and colourful drawings.


Both projects can be seen below.

Sharing the Results with Others

The comics have been distributed amongst other young people to raise awareness of the experience of young carers.

Benefits for Participants

The groups enjoyed their media projects and making a difference by raising awareness. They gained team working and communication skills as well as developing their photography and other creative skills.

Client and/or Funder

Gateshead Crossroads for Carers funded the projects with different streams of funding for their youth team.

Who Else Would Benefit from this sort of Project?

Creating animations and films is a great teamworking experience for anyone. Skills such as media literacy, story boarding, IT, camera and audio are developed.

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