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Colombia Young Peoples Project

Young indigenous Colombians speak out on human rights issues.

Digital Voice were fundamental to giving the young people the chance to participate

Who Took Part

4 Young people from the youth forum of Colombia’s ONIC (National Indigenous Organisation of Colombia), aged between 16-30.


The young people to have the basic training necessary for them to work as a team to make a video documenting an event highlighting human rights abuses against their Peoples.

Project Outline

There were three workshops which covered storyboarding, camera and sound, then editing, scriptwriting and voiceovers.

What Happened

There are huge barriers for indigenous communities in Colombia to participate in debates or decisions about the lands where they live. Digital Voice trained four young indigenous people to use video and audio equipment and supported them to produce their own video report on an international human rights tribunal.


1 Video – duration 5 minutes.

Sharing The Results With Others

The skills learned during the making of the short video, will be developed and further used by the Young Peoples´ Area of the ONIC, to film young indigenous peoples´ events and congresses. In this way, the ONIC hopes that the skills will be cascaded to more young indigenous people can learn from and develop them, using them to document their lives and issues of importance to them.

Benefits For Participants

The group developed their skills and worked effectively as a team to raise awareness about the important issues which affect their lives. This project will have a lasting legacy as the video equipment was donated to the ONIC to keep the project going and the young trainees will cascade the skills gained to others and continue to tell others of their experiences in this way.

Indigenous people are among the most marginalised groups in Colombian society and these benefits will reach indigenous people from all over the country.

Clients and/or Funding

The ONIC is the organisation appointed by indigenous Colombians to represent them. For 25 years they have fought against the organised destruction of indigenous peoples´ lands and attacks which have resulted in many deaths.

Faced with a lack of justice, and resisting in their lands against all the odds, Colombian indigenous people activated the Permanent People’s Tribunal (TPP in Spanish), which has been taking place in Colombia since 2005. The process dates back to The (Bertrand) Russell Trials in the 70s, where the people tried the United States for crimes against humanity in Vietnam. Given the situation in Colombia, the TPP allows the people to try the State and Multinationals for crimes against humanity and destruction of the environment. The evidence and information collected are then used in relevant campaigns and some will go help trials in international courts of human rights.

Who Else Would Benefit From This Sort of Project

We would like to develop the work we do with young people in other parts of the world; we aim to help those who face barriers in society and the barriers to education in poorer countries are extreme.

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