Learn Hands On

Media is a fun and stretching way to express ourselves and develop a wide range of skills. The focus in our Learn Hands On projects is on the benefits for participants.

You select what you want to achieve:

  • storytelling and having your say
  • personal skills - teamwork, working to deadline, creativity
  • vocational skills - using cameras, editing, animation
  • media literacy
  • developing enterprise
  • accreditation

All of them? You tell us your priorities and we'll develop a project plan that will deliver them.

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  • Blakelaw....How it is

    Children and young people from Blakelaw Youth Club designed and produced this film and animation project.

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  • Crossroads Young Carers comic projects

    Two groups supported by Crossroads Young Carers Youth Team

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  • Young Women Create photostories

    A group of young mums at Gateshead Young Women’s Outreach Project.

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  • media4me Haunted Trailer

    A group of sixteen young people from Gateshead’s Brandling School and Traveller children supported by EMTAS created an animation called the Haunted Trailer.

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  • The Lawnmowers Animation Project

    An animation about what it's like to be disabled. A group of adults with learning disabilities examine an important issue in a creative way.

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  • Soul Soup

    Providing support to a young woman in her Arts Award project, by helping her to produce a video and screen it.

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