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Storytelling in sound captures Northern Spirit

28th December 2010

People, places and their relationships with art in the North East are explored in a permanent exhibition at Newcastle's Laing Gallery.

Digital Voice worked with participants to create more than a dozen fascinating audio stories. They ranged from a surprising tale about seacoal in the modern hearth, to respect for the region's engineering traditions sparked by lunchtime romance on the bridges over the Tyne.

Another is a powerful exposition on the links between pitmen painters and strong communities. The detailed works are described by a man whose own sight has diminished but who now teaches other people without sight to enjoy painting.

The recordings are played on state-of-the-art kiosks which also show videos, stills and text.

And for visitors ready to take the weight off their feet, there's an audio bench where you can listen to stories whilst looking at the many works on display.

Northern Spirit is a free exhibition - details of opening hours and directions available on the Laing website.

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