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Seekers of Truth

21st August 2011

More than a dozen members of the Truth About Youth group have filmed at four locations around the North East to explore stereotypes about teenagers.

They interviewed scores of people at the MetroCentre and Eldon Square shopping centres to find out more about attitudes and the reasons for them.

Nearly 600 adjectives about teens were written by members of the public and stuck on a Truth Tree. The largest number was positive, 239 were negative and 87 were neutral. Words often used were fun", "lazy" and "selfish".

"The young people were keen to find out more about how they could convince the more negative people that young people make a positive contribution," said producer Lucy Jolly. "They have shown great enthusiasm in lots of different projects to help the local community - it was a pleasure to have the chance to include these in the film."

The film was commissioned by the Regional Youth Work Unit and will be screened at the Tyneside Cinema.

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