Royal Television Awards 2018 - Innovation Award
Tech4Good Community Award 2018 - Runner-up  

DV helps 6000+ participants

28th January 2019

The Board of Directors of Digital Voice for Communities has sent thanks to partners, funders and the DV team following a bumper year for the social enterprise.

DV's Annual Report for 2017-18 included information on:

  • the launch of six clearly-defined brands of services: iSkills; GeoStories; DigitalMe; DigiTale; LifeBooks; and inTouch
  • innovative new services
  • growth in the range of social media used
  • capacity building, including the move to the Chopwell Community Centre base.

After the AGM at Newcastle's Good Space hub, Founder Director Julie Nicholson said: "Technological change means the digital divide is getting ever wider - and the need for our services ever greater. We aim to work even harder in coming years to ensure that, with our partner organisations, we can help even more people to share digital benefits instead of being left behind."

The 10th anniversary year coincided with two high-profile award successes. The Royal Television Society in the North East and the Borders region selected DV as the winner of its Technical Innovation category. DigitalMe was described by the RTS judges as “an excellent use of technology … an ingenious and affecting method of motivating children with tough stories to raise awareness of their experiences and get policymakers onside … the clear winner”. And the Tech4Good awards shortlisted DV in its Community Impact Category. The social enterprise also came in the top five in the popular vote category as well.

The Annual Report said: "The evolution of the DV services has led to enrichment of outcomes for participants, commissioners and communities. The creation of continuous learning (following feedback requesting interlinked levels of courses and workshops) has greatly increased skills and personal development for participants.

"Such schemes as DigitalMe have empowered participants to achieve real change in their lives as well as producing deeper-level consultation results for commissioners. The local heritage projects are proving extremely popular, with impressive inter-generational work and participation by digitally disadvantaged communities. The health benefits of LifeBooks are also becoming more evidenced."

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