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ESF funding for Durham and Gateshead

30th August 2018

Digital Voice has received funding from the European Social Fund to organise digital skills projects in Durham and Gateshead.

The Durham project will be all about Digital Storytelling: Participants create original stories that include text, drawings, photos, animation, audio, and video. They use technology tools, such as digital cameras and tablets to bring their stories to life. Story ideas can come from personal and family experiences, connections to other cultures, and real or imaginary people, places, or events. At the end of the course, participants organise an event and use social media to disseminate their story. We will be working with Durham City of Sanctuary and the Durham Diverse Women’s Network.

In the Gateshead project, we will work with groups of learning disabled people, using creative digital media workshops to boost essential digital skills and to help them become more empowered and employable. For example: One group will produce videos about employability issues for Learning Disabled people. They will learn transferable skills such as planning the production, organising themselves into different roles and teams. They will learn technical skills like video and audio production skills as well as basic editing skills, all on iPads. They will learn to share the finished product with others online. They will also become volunteers for the centre, sharing the films to peers to raise awareness of the issues they examine.

DV Project Coordinator Julie Nicholson said “both these projects are unique opportunities to work with disadvantaged groups who have difficulties accessing the labour market and are seldom heard. The workshops they will engage in will not just help them improve important skills, but also give them a creative outlet and empower them to express themselves about the issues that affect them.

Both projects are set to start mid-October. Stay tuned for more news about them. Please find examples of similar projects below.

Here is a recent project using Digital Storytelling in Durham with a group of refugees.

Here is a project similar to the one we aim to deliver in Gateshead.