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Animation project protects children's rights

21st September 2010

A one-day conference of child care professionals has launched a far-reaching project to ensure young people are aware of their rights.

A group of eight young people from Gateshead’s One Voice Network created the DVD to inform all looked after children in the borough of their rights. Gateshead Council’s Pledge to them on how they can expect to be treated was written in consultation with this group of young people.

Digital Voice worked with them to animate every promise that has been made to them, as an enjoyable way to ensure children of any age understand what their rights are.

Organiser Julie Nicholson from Digital Voice for Communities said: “It’s an excellent example of user-involvement and user-led services. The Council have even developed a colouring book of the characters in the DVD for younger children".

The project was supported by the Children’s Rights Officer and the Looked After Children’s Virtual Head Teacher.

Full project report,videos and pictures.

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