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Zoe Brown

Zoe first got involved when taking part in a basic animation course we ran at Lawnmowers’ Theatre Company; a project for adults with learning disabilities.

Zoe is autistic and a student in South Tyneside. She has been interested in animation for a long time and was very keen to develop her skills further. She was delighted to hear of our mentoring project and applied; she was one of three people who were lucky enough to receive six mentoring sessions with a professional in her chosen field of media interest. Award-winning animator, Ellie Land, was delighted to help Zoe and they planned the sessions together based on an in-depth chat about the particular aspects of animation Zoe wanted to explore.

Purpose of Involvement

To find out about different types of animation, receive training in those and have hands-on experience of other media production skills so that Zoe could make her own films.

What the Participants Say

Zoe’s Dad, Michael supported her throughout the mentoring. He said: ‘The experience was fantastic. It improved Zoe's ability and confidence and taught her new skills and she produced finished items that she could see and was proud of.’

What Happened

Zoe worked on the animation that had been done by her group at Lawnmowers; adding to it, editing it and adding the audio. She also learned some basic 3D animation and made her own animated Christmas Card. Gateshead College were delighted to partner on the initiative by providing their state-of-the-art facilities free. Many thanks to them for their support.

Benefits for Participants

Working one to one with a mentor is great way to get exactly what you want from a short project.

Sharing the Results with Others

The film has been screened at several open days at The Lawnmowers.

Client and/or Funder

This project was funded by the European Social Fund.

Who Else Would Benefit from this sort of Project?

Digital Voice is currently looking for further funding so we can offer this type of training to more people.

How to Find Out More

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