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Who was involved

About seventy pupils in three classes - plus three teachers.

Purpose of Involvement

The school was holding an Environmental Week and saw this as a way to involve the pupils in an imaginative way with a concrete outcome.

What the Participants Say

"I picked a Harry Potter picture because I've read all the books!"

"I've done my own drawing on mine - and put my name on."

"I'm taking mine for my mum!"

What Happened

  • The rooms were prepared while the young people were out - newspapers, glue and brushes were placed on desks, and also available were scissors, string for handles and hole punchers.
  • The pupils had a group discussion in the hall for an introductory interactive session about climate change.
  • Teachers were given a preview demonstration of how to make the gift bags.
  • All the pupils were gathered in one classroom and given a demonstration. They were encouraged to choose sheets of newspaper with pictures that they liked - and went on to make some imaginative choices!
  • They then split into their three classrooms and spent about 45 minutes making their own gift bags.

Benefits for Participants

The advantage of a hands-on approach to climate change awareness-raising has been underlined by much research. Digital Voice in partnership with Groundwork did detailed research work in the North East which looked at the concerns and suspicions which some peoeple have. It was shown that this practical work was far more successful in showing that we can take action easily, and that it can be fun as well as saving money - and saving the planet!

The Save the World activities were developed drawing on these findings.

Sharing the Results with Others

The school held an Assembly on climate change, and the young people were able to take their gift bags home!

Client and/or Funder

West Jesmond School, Newcastle.

Who Else Would Benefit from this sort of Project?

Young people, adults and older people all get a lot out of hands-on work like this. Thousands have taken part in festivals, schools and in groups and organisations. It has been shown to leave people more positive and motivated about taking action themselves on climate change.

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