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Making a film together: primary school experiences

Nearly thirty pupils aged seven and eight were asked about what it was like to make their film, and what they learned.

They recorded their views on audio and video, to make a separate video about the making of their animation The Bully Book.

Purpose of Involvement

The film project was a way to share views on bullying and racism amongst all the pupils, their parents and the local community. A number of the pupils were from refugee families.

What the Participants Say

>Pupil: “We wanted to show that everyone's the same inside. It doesn't matter what skin colour you are, everybody's the same inside and everybody's got feelings"

>Pupil: "We designed all the room - a telly, fireplace, lamp, picture, walls, room."

>Pupil: "It was good because I'd never done it before. I learnt a lot from doing stuff on the computer and doing the video."

>Pupil: "I mixed some of the playdough."

>Pupil: "You move the character a little play and all the animation goes on the computer."

>Pupil: "It felt like I was a movie director, like I was cool."

>Pupil: "I liked to work as a team."

>Pupil: "It was good to see the film at the cinema, with popcorn."

What Happened

Once a week for six weeks, the pupils spent an afternoon working on their media project with facilitators in small groups.

They developed a storyboard, created different sets for the different parts of hte film and recorded characters for the animation. The voiceovers were recorded by them and a short drama sequence was shot for the introduction to their film.

The whole project was shot on video so that the views of the young people could be captured and shared with teachers and also other educational groups around the UK.

When it was finished, they and their families went to see it screened at The Gate in Newcastle. Certificates were presented to all the pupils to thank them for their hard work and creativity. The DVD was then used by Save the Children to help other pupils discuss the issues.

Benefits for Participants

  • learning about how to make a short film, using animation
  • building confidence
  • teamwork
  • developing the skills to discuss a challenging subject

Sharing the Results with Others

  • Screening of the animated film and their "making of" film at The Gate, Newcastle
  • Part of Save the Child educational DVD used across UK
  • local community involved in "community ads" campaign to help raise awareness of the project

Client and/or Funder

This project was funded by Save the Children.

Who Else Would Benefit from this sort of Project?

Making an animation is very engaging, and flexible enough to tell almost any story in a creative fun way. Recording video for evaluation is simple and powerful.

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