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Connor McManus

Connor took part in a week long work experience project through his school, Durham Community Business College.

He had an interest in art but at first felt out of his comfort zone taking part in a media production course.

Purpose of Involvement

To award an accreditation in team-working through a fun, creative experience. Teamworking accreditations help develop transferable skills such as communication, fulfilling a role in a group and achieving specified tasks. The school wanted the group to take part in something that could benefit them when entering the world of work.

What the Participants Say

This has been a life-changing experience!

What Happened

The group were tasked with producing a short, factual film. We were able to harness Connor’s interest and talent in art by offering him the role of graphic artist on the project. He had the chance to work with a graphic expert who produces special effects and graphics for feature films and TV. He worked hard on drawings and with software to create a logo and the graphics titles for the group’s film and did an excellent job.

Connor had the chance to tour the graphics facilities hose and take part in a Q&A session with the staff there. He is now interested in pursuing a career in this area of the media. He also gained the confidence to try his hand at other roles such as sound operator and editing.

Benefits for Participants

Taking part in one of our accredited courses improves employability. By playing to someone’s strengths and showing them what they can achieve in that field also gives them the confidence to try other things.

Sharing the Results with Others

The film has been screened at parents’ evenings and school events.

Client and/or Funder

This project was funded by the school through Creative Partnerships.

Who Else Would Benefit from this sort of Project?

Digital Voice works with groups of all ages and from all backgrounds on this teamworking course and other media accreditations.

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