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Amanda Logan

Amanda took part in her first media project with us several years ago and showed a great interest in animation, making a short cartoon about a clumsy witch! She has been part of a group called One Voice Network (OVN) for several years. It gives a voice to looked-after young people and care-leavers.

Purpose of Involvement

OVN fund projects which help young people to develop their talents and self confidence in a group setting. They also want the media they ask us to produce to be from the groups’ perspective so it says something to the looked after young people they try to reach. Amanda has taken part in several such initiatives, like the production of a guide for care leavers to inform them of their rights through photostories.

What the Participants Say

I like media projects because they build up your confidence

What Happened

Amanda recently took part in another animation project with us, as she had so enjoyed the first film project with us. This time the film had a serious purpose; to raise awareness of advocacy services for looked after children in Gateshead. Amanda took part in writing and recording the script as well as animating several scenes of the film in a small group.

Benefits for Participants

Taking part in bespoke media projects which give young people a voice leads to the participants feeling a sense of achievement, ownership and empowerment as well as developing transferable skills such as teamwork and communicating messages effectively.

Sharing the Results with Others

The advocacy animation was screened at the Achievement Awards in Gateshead for all looked-after children and their carers. The guide for care leavers will be given to every young person who leaves the authority’s care in Gateshead.

Client and/or Funder

This project was funded by Gateshead Council.

Who Else Would Benefit from this sort of Project?

Amanda is a great example of how media projects can provide transferable skills to disadvantaged people, helping them increase their self esteem and confidence.

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